Romney Sheep-Moorit, white, & Natural Colored

Est. 1982

Iron Water Ranch has had Romney sheep from the very beginning. Romneys are easy to care for and are great mothers as well as being friendly and shearing 15+ pounds of wool a year.  We have imported our genetics from New Zealand making our genetics very special in the United States.  We specialize in providing exquisite handspinning fleeces and breeding classic Romneys with great breed character and ability to forage and survive in our wet environment.  Iron Water Ranch is the only Romney flock in the United States to have the moorit color pattern in our purebred Romneys. 

Bluefaced Leicesters

Est. 2013

Bluefaced Leicesters (BFL) fit into our program seamlessly.  They are moderate framed, high-producing sheep with amazing wool.  BFL's have distinctly curled and locky fleeces that make them sought after by fiber artists for a variety of purposes in their crafts.  BFL's are the finest of the Leicester breeds in the U.S. and have silky soft wool.  We specialize in easy to care for, true to breed type, exquisitely fleeced animals.  


Est. 2004

Merino are prized for their fine soft wool and how versatile it is.  Iron Water Ranch has had them for many years and we have been carefully selecting for mother-ability, fine fleece quality, and survivability in our wet climate.  We mainly have naturally colored Merinos with a wide variety of colors ranging from light grey to taupe to chocolate brown to deep black.  Our genetics come from importations from Australia, Tazmania, and New Zealand.

Jacob - 2-horn & 4-horn

Est. 2016

Jacob are a primitive breed that are spotted and horned.  It is required by their breed association that they be spotted, either black and white or a lighter grey or brown and white, called "lilac."


Est. 2019

Columbia sheep are a large framed sheep created in the United States.  They were created as production commercial sheep to shear large fleeces and rear lambs that would grow fast.  We are selecting Columbias with beautiful fleeces and who thrive in our wet climate.  This breed is still new to us but shows a ton of promise.