Iron Water Ranch is proud to have added a purebred flock of Columbia sheep to the ranch in 2019. 


Our very own shepherd, Zane, was selected to receive a starter flock of Columbia sheep from the Columbia Sheep Breeders Association.  She had the opportunity to travel to the Columbia National Show & Sale in Tooelle, UT where she recieved her donated ewes and picked up her stud ram, Nitro, from Geerts Family Columbias, and two futurity ewe lambs.  The flock is young but growing in quality and quantity.

In the Fall of 2019, our first purebred registered Columbia lamb was born!  Her name is Meep and she's been a quick favorite.  She embodies the program we as breeders have in mind.  Meep is quick growing, easy doing (feed efficient), has a beautiful fleece, is structurally sound, and has an incredible temperament.  

Iron Water Ranch will have a select number of Columbia lambs available for sale out of our top stock in 2021.  Our stud ram and multiple ewes had incredible show careers as well as having impressive functional qualities and we look forward to what they produce!  Sale and reservation info can be found on our Sheep For Sale page.

Iron Water Ranch - Columbia Ram

Columbia stud ram, Nitro, Zane, Emily & Andrew Anderson

2019 NAILE

Iron Water Ranch Meep - Columbia Ewe Lamb

Iron Water Ranch Meep & Zane

Iron Water Ranch - Columbia Ewe Lamb


Columbia Ewe Lamb