Meet our Shepherds

A Family of Workers


Kirsten Holbo

Romney Connoisseur

Kirsten is the main support and driving force of Iron Water Ranch.  As a New Zealand trained wool classer, her unparalleled knowledge regarding animal ecosystems, products, and fibers put our business above and beyond!  Kirsten is an experienced fiber producer as well as instructor and is the main instructor of many IWR hosted classes and workshops.

Zane Van Horsen

Fine Fiber Shepherdess

Zane has been a part of Iron Water Ranch for years, taking care of business and making sure things are running properly at the ranch. Zane is the reason we have fine wool sheep in the wet Willamette Valley.  She has been working for years to ensure a quality fine wool animal and fiber product for our customers.  She loves to spin and create with the wool from her sheep.  If you ever want to hear a story or a detail about a sheep in the IWR flock, talk to Zane!

Kieran Van Horsen

BFL Shepherd

Kieran works with his Bluefaced Leicester sheep year around to ensure that the fleeces we offer and the breeding stock we sell are up to his standards.  He fell in love with the bunny eared sheep and they have been a wonderful part of our ranch for years.  Kieran loves to needle felt sculptures with wool from his sheep, as well as dye locks to sell to our customers.  If you ever want to talk BFL, Kieran is your man.

Kylee Sprague

Jacob Shepherdess

Kylee brought Jacob sheep to the ranch just a few years ago and has been striving to raise these sheep with soft, marketable fleeces and awesome horns.  She takes them to sheep shows & festivals up and down the West coast.  If you have any questions about this cool breed, Kylee has the answer.

Brendan Murphy

Fluffy Sheep Shepherd

Brendan has only been with Iron Water Ranch a short time but has already had quite the impact.  He loves Romneys and everything about them.  He has just started showing sheep and is quite knowledgeable and easy to talk to when it comes to his lambs.  Brendan just started to learn to spin and will surely continue his education of all things to do with wool!

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