Our Story

Iron Water Ranch is three generations living in the heart of the Willamette Valley raising happy, healthy sheep.  Rita and I started with purebred Romneys in the 1980’s and fell in love with the hardy breed.  They have beautiful fleeces, strong maternal instincts, and are a milky dual-purpose breed that thrives in the wet climate of Oregon.  As time went on and my children discovered their interests within sheep, we have acquired new breeds.  My daughter, Zane, fell in love with Natural Coloreds and Romeldales bred by Jan McMahon while my youngest son, Kieran, discovered his love for the Bluefaced Leicesters.

We are the only ARBA registered Romney flock in the United States to have moorits.  The moorit Romneys range from a light taupe to a dark chocolate and took more than 20 years of importing New Zealand genetics and selective breeding to consistently achieve the incredibly recessive color pattern.

Our goals have always been to provide a healthy and sustainable environment for our sheep to grow and live in.  We put coats on our sheep to keep the fleeces as clean as possible in order to provide the best possible product for our customers.  Each of our sheep has a name and a unique personality that lends to the flock as a whole.

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