Wonges (Wuhn-ges)
  • Wonges (Wuhn-ges)


    The next great step in sustainable innovation! This is a 100% safe, biodegradable “sponge” made out of wool from our lovingly raised sheep. Our wonges work well for doing dishes, scrubbing countertops, and other general cleaning.


    Wonges are created by us right here on the farm making them 100% locally sourced and produced. This wonge is washable and reusable, just like a regular sponge. Do NOT use with bleach or oxalic acid as the wonge will disintegrate. Since these are hand felted and different wools are used, it is important to mention that the product you receive may not match the pictures 100%.


    Each wonge ranges in measurement from 4"x4" to 6"x6"


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