Hi!  I love sheep!  I was an exchange student in New Zealand my Junior year of college.  I attended Oregon State University  and was on exchange with Lincoln College on the South Island.  Growing up, my family had always had cows and horses, and I had always loved them, but I didn’t find my true passion in sheep until that year.  I was in awe of how soft the wool was and how efficient things were ran there. In the US, wool wasn’t commonly known to be soft, it was more like a Brillo pad.  When I returned, I purchased Romneys and have been building and improving my flock since the 1980’s with semen imported from rams in New Zealand via Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination.  My focus has been to have the ultimate sheep that has gorgeous fiber, good physical confirmation, and excellent mothering ability.  My flock thrives in the wet Willamette Valley growing beautiful fleeces while wearing colorful coats we hand make.  I am a hand spinner, weaver, knitter, crocheter, and felter.  I love playing with fiber and love when the fleeces come off all my Romneys.


Hello! My passion is fine wool sheep.  I raise multiple different breeds with the focus on exquisite hand spinning fleeces for every kind of project.  I picked my first sheep at the age of 6 when my mom let me go to the sheep barn at the Black Sheep Gathering.  I picked a little moorit (brown) ewe lamb named Edna from the Spinning Ewe Farm and that is the day I fell in love with fine wool sheep.  I have Romeldale, Merino, Cormo, Corriedale, Columbia, and Rambouillet.  All of them are coated year-around with our had made coats to keep their fleeces pristine.  I am a handspinner myself so I totally understand what the ideal fleece looks like.  All of our sheep are named and if you ever want to hear a story about any one of them, I’m the one to ask!


Hi! I have the BFLs.  I picked this beautiful breed because of their gorgeous curly locks and their massive bunny ears.  I really like their fleeces for needle felting.  They do really well in the damp Willamette Valley.  I love taking them to shows.  My favorite time of the year is definitely lambing season!  All of the babies come out with soft little bald spots between their ears that is just the softest to kiss.


My passion is field management and farming.  I manage all the fields we graze as well as build the temporary fences that keep all the sheep in.  I manage the barns as well as coordinate fields and feed for when the weather is unexpectedly non-Oregon.


Hi! I have Jacob sheep.  The spots and horns really drew me to them.  I focus on correct confirmation as well as the nicest, most consistent fleece possible.  I have been playing with the design of our sheep coats to ensure they go over all the funky horn sets possible.  They really are the cutest little babies!


Hello!  I fell in love with sheep more recently.  It all started with my ram “Ferdinand.”  He is the sweetest little man and I love to give him chin scratches and treats.  I’m not really sure which breed of sheep I want to focus on right now, but I am learning.  I love the fluffiness of the Romneys and the fineness of the Merinos.  We’ll see where I go.