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Dogs With Jobs

Loyal & Lovable

Iron Water Ranch Scarlet - Red Heeler

Scarlet (Potato)

Red Heeler

Scarlet is one of our herding dogs.  She is a beautiful Red Heeler with incredible herd instincts!  She has the sweetest, most expressive face.  She loves fetch and cuddling with her humans.  You will find Scarlet wherever Brendan and Zane are.  Scarlet is Honey's older sister.

Iron Water Ranch Zesh

Zesh (Chunk Norris)

Red Heeler

Zesh is the newest addition to our herding crew.  He is by far the cuddliest heeler we have ever had!  Zesh earned his nickname of Chunk Norris with his beefy body type and love of food!  He shows a to of promise as a herding dog and we are super excited for his future with us!

Iron Water Ranch Honey


Red Heeler

Honey is another one of our herding dogs.  Don't let her small size fool you, she has the heart of dogs three times her size!  She loves treats and pets!  You will find Honey wherever Kirsten is!  Honey is Scarlet's younger sister.

Iron Water Ranch Jack - Blue Heeler


Blue Heeler

Jack is one of our incredible herding dogs.  He is an older boy, but you can tell how much he loves his job!  He has recently discovered he loves fetch but his version is more "get the ball and destroy it" therefore his toys have a high turnover rate!  You can always find Jack out and about with Kieran or Kirsten.

Iron Water Ranch Gunner - Blue Heeler

Gunner (Trash Panda)

Blue Heeler

Gunner is one of our beautiful blue heelers.  He has lovingly earned the nickname "Trash Panda" because of his mask and his love for all things edible.  He loves fetch and napping with his people.  He is the friendliest of all of our heelers and will always approach if he thinks there is the potential for pets.  He is amazing at fetch and helping with larger roundups.

Iron Water Ranch Fli & Sassy - Great Pyrenees

Fli & Sassy

Great Pyrenees

Fli and Sassy are a working pair of Great Pyrenees dogs who guard our flocks from predators.  Our main predators are coyotes, Bald and Golden eagles, and stray dogs.  Fli and Sassy are both even tempered dogs who have been doing an excellent job guarding our main pasture.  We have had zero losses to predators with them on the job!




Yeti is an aloof young male who joined our ranch most recently.  He is smart and quick on his feet.  Most importantly, he loves his sheep!  We are excited for his future here.

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