The Corriedale breed is a new venture for Iron Water Ranch.  Our Shepherd, Brendan, took a great interest in their lovely fleeces and sweet temperaments. 


Brendan has slowly added a few Corriedale ewes from  well-respected breeders in the United States, and has now imported 2 New Zealand Natural Colored Corriedale rams to continue to improve fleeces and produce structurally sound animals.  One of the rams imported from New Zealand is moorit while the other is a moorit color carrier.  Both rams have exquisite fleeces, even by New Zealand standards.

Iron Water Ranch Romeo - Moorit Corriedale Ram

Iron Water Ranch Romeo

Moorit Corriedale Ram

Iron Water Ranch Snowflake - Corriedale

Iron Water Ranch Snowflake

Corriedale Ram Lamb Fleece

Each year as our Corriedale flock grows, we will have a select number of Corriedale lambs and adults available to new homes.  There will be colored and white animals available.  You can find information on available animals on our Sheep for Sale page.

We are incredibly excited to see the Corriedale flock grow and strengthen in the coming years.  Iron Water Ranch plans to specialize in naturally colored Corriedales as well as maintain a few whites.  Our natural colored Corriedales will be registered with NCWGA.

Iron Water Ranch Corriedale Ewes

Brendan & Itsy, Bitsy, and Tipsy