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Babydoll Southdown

This flock is the most recent addition in 2021.  Brendan fell in love with the sweet faces of Babydolls and acquired a few to start his flock.  Babydoll Southdown sheep are small, measuring between 18-24" and weighing 100-150lbs.  They have very calm, sweet temperaments and come in multiple colors.  They have downy fleeces with shorter staple length and lots of loft.  

Babydoll Southdown sheep are perfect for grazing vineyards as they are short and cannot jump terribly high.  They thrive effortlessly on grass and are easy keepers.


Zane & Soda


Brendan and Butters

Make sure to stop by shows we attend to check out these adorable babies.  We aim to produce high quality, total sweethearts to support and further the Babydoll breed.

Our flock is registered with NABSSAR and registered breeding stock and pet wethers will be available to new homes.

Get on our list for 2024!

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