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Moorit Romneys

     Iron Water Ranch has been breeding elite Romney stock since the 1980s and have continued to import purebred genetics from New Zealand. As a result, IWR is the proud originator of the incredibly rare moorit color pattern in the United States, which adds a certain quality uniqueness to our flock.

     The moorit color pattern adds another entire range to color combinations available with Romney wool, and ranges from light taupe to silvery brown to deep chocolate brown. 

Iron Water Ranch Scorch - Moorit Romney Ram Lamb

Iron Water Ranch Scorch

Purebred Moorit Romney Ram

Iron Water Ranch Fantasia - Moorit Romne

Iron Water Ranch Fantasia

Purebred Moorit Romney Ewe

Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg

Most moorit Romneys are born a dark chocolate brown and lighten with age.  The color pattern is recessive and there is large range of possibilities in how it will appear on the animal, such as variegated light to dark, solid, and mottled.  As Romney breeders, we focus on structurally sound animals with good breed type and exceptional wool for our patrons. 

We offer a small number of moorit and moorit carrier lambs each year.    If you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact us with your specifications and we will do our best to fit your wishes.

Get on our list for 2024 lambs and be contacted when 2024 lambs are available!

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