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Meet the Breeds!

Iron Water Ranch is proud to be home to many different sheep breeds.  We raise:

  •  Romney 

  • Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) 

  • Columbia

  • Merino

  • Babydoll Southdown

  • Corriedale

  • Horned Dorset

  • Natural Colored


Each of these breeds work together in harmony to grow beautiful wool and supply all kinds of fiber for handspinners and crafters projects.  Our flock has wool ranging from very fine to long/coarse (16-34 micron).  Each of the individuals we keep in our flock are selected to thrive in the wet Willamette Valley, graze, and live long, healthy lives!  We focus on sustainable and renewable agricultural practices to best serve our community and the environment.

Iron Water Ranch Sheep
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg

Flock Introductions

Click on each picture to learn more about that breed!

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