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Iron Water Ranch is proud to be home to a flock of elite merino sheep.  We have been striving for many years to produce animals that thrive in the wet Willamette Valley and still turn out high quality fine wool. 



Our breeding program is based off of genetics imported from New Zealand and Australia which focused on Merino sheep that functioned in wet climates, grew long staples, and had beautiful crimp and style.  

Iron Water Ranch Arlo - Merino Ram

Iron Water Ranch Arlo

Merino Ram

Iron Water Ranch Izander - Merino

Iron Water Ranch Izander

Moorit Merino Ram

Each year, we have a select number of Merino lambs and adults available for new homes.  Whether you are looking into Merino sheep, looking for your next stud ram, or looking for the perfect ewe lamb for your ewe flock, we have it!  

Get on our list to be contacted when Merinos are available in 2024!

Our program focuses on twinning, mothering ability, ability to produce exquisite fleece, sound structure, lack of wrinkle, and sound feet.  We have some truly exquisite rams on our stud battery and our lambs' fleeces look especially exquisite this year.  

We focus on animals that are especially fine fleeced with a range of beautiful colors.  Fleeces should be heavy shearing, stylish, and exquisitely soft.

Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Iron Water Ranch Maybelle - Merino Ewe

Iron Water Ranch Maybelle & Sonic

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