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Events We Offer

Throughout the year, IWR offers different agricultural, sheep themed events.  We want to be as engaging as possible and offer one-of-a-kind experiences for our community as well as all interested in sheep.  We host educational days frequently and information is found here on our website as well as our social media pages.

Certain events IWR hosts are geared toward different audiences. We hope to embrace all aspects of the sheep world and invite different groups in our community to events they can participate in and enjoy.

We try to list in our descriptions who we feel would most benefit/enjoy the event we are hosting.  If you are not quite sure it is the event for you, feel free to ask!

Lambing School


Hosted in January
On a Saturday, 10AM to 4PM

At the beginning of each year, we offer an informative lambing school with hands-on opportunities for new shepherds to get experience in the best practices to keep their flocks happy and healthy.  Registration for this class is typically available right after the beginning of the year.

Lambentine's Day

Hosted in February
On a weekend near Valentine's Day

Fun for the whole family and one of the sweetest events available during Valentine's day.  Snuggle, bottle feed, and hang out with adorable baby lambs and learn about all the care that goes into raising them.  This is a family-friendly event.  Reservations are required and information becomes available in January.


March MAAAdness

Iron Water Ranch Gidget - Romney Ewe Lam

Hosted in March
Typically on the 3rd weekend

Super similar to Lambentine's with the added bonus of a Sweet 16 bracket of the cutest lambs where you get to decide the champion.  Daily voting matchups take place on our social media channels where you get to meet some of the sweet faces that live here.  Perfect for families and anyone wanting to meet adorable baby lambs! 

April Floof's Day

Hosted in April
On a Saturday, 11AM to 4PM

Start the Spring season off with a visit to the barn for some educational classes and shopping.  There is always some sheepy ambiance!  Fiber arts, painting, and intro animal care classes are a staple.


IWR Spring Sale


Hosted in May or June
On a weekend

The first pick-up date for spring born lambs, perfect for shopping for your next fiber producer!

A mini fiber fest with lots of opportunities!  Learn about what breeds we raise and what works for you!  Raw fiber, yarn, and all manner of fiber related products are for sale.  There will also be classes announced closer to the event date.


Hosted in September
Dependent on off-farm event schedule

A traveling event held in either Oregon or up in Tacoma, WA with fellow Romney breeders, Blackberry Patch Farms.  Raw fleeces, fiber, yarn, and other fiber related goodies will be available for sale.  Classes will also be offered.


Fall Fiber Fest


Hosted in October
On a weekend near Halloween

Get all of your fiber for your projects during the cool winter months.  Fall lambs will be bouncing around the barn!  There will be classes as well as raw fiber, yearn, roving & more.

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