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White & Natural Colored Romneys

Iron Water Ranch has been a proud pure bred breeder of Romney sheep for almost 40 years.  Multiple generations have taken to the breed and keep up the best qualities of the breed. 

We specialize in exceptional handspinning quality fleeces with beautiful breed type on animals who thrive on grass and are highly adaptable to different management styles.

Iron Water Ranch Spencer - Romney Ram

Iron Water Ranch Spencer

Silver Romney Ram

Iron Water Ranch Gidget - Romney Ewe Lamb

Iron Water Ranch Gidget

Variegated Grey Ewe Lamb

Iron Water Ranch has a high standard for all of our animals sold and retained for breeding.  We have every color under the sun in our Romney flock and love all the different patterns that exist in this breed.  All of our color patterns are recessive, we do not have any Romneys that are dominant for color.  All of our white Romneys are color carriers and are an integral piece of how we breed the beautiful colors that we do.

Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg

Romneys were originally imported into the U.S. in Oregon, and they have truly thrived and blossomed here as well as spread across the country to work for purebred breeders, commercial flocks, and for handspinning/pet owners.  We love them for many reasons, including and not limited to:

  • Excellent maternal instincts

  • Moderate frame size

  • Feed efficiency

  • Beautiful wool and large shearing weights

  • Thrifty in our wet environment

  • Calm temperament

Romneys are truly easy to care for and maintain body condition with ease.  Our operation is mostly grass based when it comes to feeding our sheep.  The Willamette valley is the perfect place for sheep to graze.

Iron Water Ranch Celine - Romney Ewe Lamb

Iron Water Ranch Celine

Dark Grey Mottled Ewe Lamb

Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Final Yarn Labels.jpg
Iron Water Ranch Romney Ewe Lambs

Iron Water Ranch Myst & Birdie

Each year, we will have a select few lambs and adults available for sale to new homes.    If you have any questions or are looking for something specific, please feel free to contact us!

Get on the list to be contacted when lambs are available in 2024!

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