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A Handspinning Legacy

March Maaadness
Vote for the cutest lamb in the barn! Daily polls will be posted on our Facebook page and the winner will be crowned on the 14th!
Mar 14, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Iron Water Ranch
Iron Water Ranch,
35179 Riverside Dr, Albany, OR 97321, USA
Can you make it?

Our Story

Who We Are

Iron Water Ranch is a local family-run Ranch that has been producing beautiful fleeces, raising quality breeding stock, and hosting a variety of fun activities since 1982. We strive to make the most of everything the great Willamette Valley has to offer. Our sheep are raised on grass, sunshine, and care from people who love them to ensure our customers receive the best quality fiber products and healthy animals.


We host a bunch of fun activities that take place throughout the year. Check out our events calendar and come visit us with your family for a day of fun at Iron Water Ranch.

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Events You’ll Love

Fun for the Whole Family!

If you love enjoying a fun-filled day outdoors, interacting with nature and enjoying amazing natural fibers and fleeces, you’ve come to the right place. Iron Water Ranch hosts the most incredible events that are suited for the whole family. If you happen to be in the Willamette Valley, we can guarantee you’ll love what we’ve got planned out for you!


Lamb Tours

Animal Education Days

Open Barn Shearing


Come on down to the Ranch!

Want to learn more about our ranch and plan a visit? Looking for beautiful wool or want to get into sheep yourself?  Get in touch!

35179 Riverside Dr. SW
Albany, OR 97321


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