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Tired of dryer sheets? Here is the answer! These are 100% wool dryer balls that can be used as a replacement for dryer sheets!  They take on static, are unscented, and last for hundreds of washes! If you would like to add scent to have your laundry smelling fresh, you can add a couple drops of eesntial oils to the balls and they hold that scent for roughly 50-100 cycles of the dryer. 

Another option is to use these as fantastic flossing fetch toys for your pets to play with. As these are 100% fiber from our sheep, there is no risk to your pet ingesting harmful plastics. We always recommend that you pick up the bits they shred and only let them play supervised.


We create these dryer balls with the fiber skirted from our raw fleeces in an effort to let as little go to waste as possible. We realize they are cheaper at Walmart but we are doing all we can to support and sustain agriculture in Oregon as well as offer handcrafted products to our customers.


Since these are felted items and we make them by hand, they do not all look the same and there is quite a bit of color variation. 

Dryer Balls

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