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IWR Fabrication

Iron Water Ranch is proud to announce that our very own shepherd, Kieran, has begun a steel fabrication business to build and sell high quality livestock handling products such as panels, sort chutes, and gates. Other products are possible and custom projects will be possible.

Kieran grew up around sheep and has spent years working with them and has focused on how to make the job easier. Good tools make any job easier so these specially designed panels are created with the shepherd in mind.

Cane Pin

Steel pin with 90 degree bend 3" from top

1/8" thick and 30 inches tall


The Gateway

Easy open steel gate with sliding latch

6 feet long by 40 inches tall


The Classic

Highly functional steel livestock panel

6 feet long by 40 inches tall


Tophat Pin

Sleek steel pin with washer welded 3" from top

1/8" thick and 33 inches tall


There are 2 options for ordering panels, online and mail-in.

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