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The Classic

Highly functional steel livestock panel

Iron Water Ranch is excited to announce the addition of a new service & branch of our business, we now sell livestock panels and custom gates!

These highly functional steel livestock panels were designed with the shepherd in mind. They weigh in at around 35lbs, are 6 feet long, and 40 inches tall. IWR fabricated panels are painted purple while the connector pins are painted gold.

All steel panels and pins are custom welded and painted by Kieran. Kieran has been around sheep his entire life and is even the shepherd of a beautiful Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) flock. He has been welding for agricultural use for over 5 years and attended welding school for 2 years where he was at the top of his class. His original design for livestock panels was created for those looking for a panel with superior strength, longevity, and mobility.

These panels are crafted with the shepherd in mind with strong hinges, a bend that lends to the strength of the panel rather than weakening it, and custom pins that work for your preference. Kieran's all steel panels weigh in at just around 35 lbs, making them incredibly usable for lambing jugs or gather up pens, or for more permanent set-ups around your farm. These panels are designed to be climbed on and used regardless of type of livestock.

Power in Numbers



6 feet long by 40 inches tall



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