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IWR Spring Lambing 2020

It is the most wonderful time of the year! I know that is typically a phrase used during the holiday season when everyone is gathering with family and all is joyous; however, for the modern shepherd, springtime and the end of the lambing season are enough to make us jump for joy and be slightly less crabby than usual. All of our beautiful baby lambs have been born, all of their mothers are healthy and taking care, and us, the raggedy, exhausted shepherd, finally gets the chance to sleep more than a wink each night.

I digress if I sound like I am complaining. Lambing is such a wonderful time. Getting to see life come into the world and a mother's love is something that is incredibly special and I cherish every second.

Our lambs are all starting to adventure outside and bring their moms much distress when they play a game with their contemporaries on the other side of the pasture. Lamb races are quite popular as well as hide and seek and tag. I could watch lambs forever if chores weren't such a necessary part of this life. I am thankful for the brief respite where the lambs and their mothers are out on pasture happily grazing before we begin the incredibly busy summer months full of events, shows, and fiber festivals.

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Aloe Rochon
Aloe Rochon
Mar 06, 2021

When should lambs be expected to find their new herds?

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